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Sunday, June 24, 2012

One my way to Honesdale

  Well the time has arrived for me to head out to the Writing Fiction for Children and Young Adults workshop.
   Yesterday I drove in to Scranton, so I could rest up before driving the last hour today.Between the panic attacks and bouts of giddiness, I managed to get a few hours sleep and get a focus.
   This morning, I'm killing some time before I get on the road.
   Preparation for this has been quite interesting. For the past few months, I've been reviewing writing samples and applications, giving my thoughts. I have to give a big shout out to Jo, Alison, and Noreen at Highlights who coordinated everything (while coordinating all the other workshops as well). They are an amazing team!
   In addition to this, I've been having a bout of interesting luck recently. You can see what kept me busy for the winter/early spring months if you scroll down a few posts. When the puppies were sent to their homes (except the one we kept), I thought I'd have time to write.
  In seems the fates had more in store for me. In early May, I broke two ribs. I was feeling good enough to walk and tore a calf muscle. I swear, my doctor was going to write me a prescription for bubble wrap. While I was there, I had the doctor check on the poison ivy one of the dogs had given me. Turned out it was not poison ivy, but shingles. Yep.
  Well, in time, I was feeling better, getting back on my exercise routine, and getting prepared for the workshop. But I wasn't finished. While walking out of convenient store, I damaged my foot. At first, we thought it was broken, but as it turned out, it's just some ligament/tendon damage. Boot and crutches.
   I got back on my feet, literally, with only a few days to go,  and my clutch goes out in my car.
  NOTHING was stopping me from coming. 
  And here I am.

  I didn't get that manuscript finished that I promised Patti Gauch I was going to finish. But I think she'll understand. I did get my workshops finished. That's what counts.
  I'll try to check in this week on how things are going.
 In the meantime, here I go....